Lymph Node Cancer Symptoms

Facts About Lymph Node Cancer Symptoms

Most people aren’t even aware of their lymph nodes until one or more become swollen. This is just one of the lymph node cancer symptoms though and swelling isn’t always cause by the presence of cancer. Injuries or an infection can cause the lymph nodes to swell as well. The lymphatic system is very delicate and filters many infections in the body. There are lymph nodes all through the body but are concentrated in the armpits, neck, groin and collarbone areas. When too many white blood cells build up in these nodes cancer, or lymphoma as it is also called, is the result. There are quite a few lymph node cancer symptoms to watch for.

Lymphoma is a serious disease because the tumors which form can travel to other parts of the body. For instance, if the lymph node under the armpit develops cancer, it can spread to the breast and become breast cancer. Lymphoma is treatable if it is caught and treated in time. Watch for swelling in the lymph node areas, especially if there is pain present. Also, watch for fever with chills, sudden weight loss, weakness and drenching night sweats.

Be sure and discuss any of these symptoms with your doctor especially if they get worse or are persistent. Also report any tenderness of the abdomen, nausea,and persistent cough. But those aren’t the only lymph node cancer symptoms. There are neurological symptoms to watch for as well such as dizziness, problems focusing or thinking, personality changes or seizures. These demand prompt medical attention.

There are, of course, ways to avoid cancer in the first place. Recent reports show that benzene, which is in gasoline fumes, is a major cause of cancer. This colorless chemical is easily breathed into the lungs when overfilling your gas tank. There are also chemicals in tap water which are carcinogens (cancer causing agents) that are easily removed with a water filtration system. Simple diet changes can also help avoid cancer. Eating more leafy green vegetables and fruit can help increase your vitamin B-12 levels which fights cancer. An increase in exercise is another simple way to fight cancer as well. Fighting cancer is a lifestyle change in most areas. Cancer doesn’t have to affect your life if you are willing to make changes.

Lymphoma is curable. Treatments include chemotherapy and radiation. Recurrence of lymphoma is always a possibility. Early detection and treatments are the key though. The sooner this disease is diagnosed, the higher the rate of being cured. Doctors have to do a biopsy, cutting a small slice of the cancerous growth, is the only way to get a correct diagnosis. Doing a self examination of suspicious areas is always encouraged. You know your body and whether or not there is something that doesn’t feel right. Be sure and report any swelling as suspicious. Don’t wait for the swelling to go away by itself especially in the lymph node areas. Lymph node cancer symptoms are never to be taken lightly.


Battling the Cancer

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